An ancient symbol and visual representation of how everything exists in an interrelated way.  All individuals and phenomena are interlinked with no beginning and no end; everything flows together.  The Endless Knot, or tendrel, teaches us how all is related to each other.  Every thing, every experience, comes into being in dependence on and in relationship with something else.  It is the basic math of Buddhism.

Sanuk Mak

Envision an opportunity to open doors of change, encourage innovative thinking, and build the bridges that lead to international collaboration. Our goal is to work on a global scale to stimulate investment in trans-Pacific ventures at the crossroads of business, academics, research, and culture. We build on over three decades experience as an influential change agent bringing our clients expertise in lifestyle industries, life sciences and interrelated disciplines through investment banking and integrated advisory services.

“Creativity is about divergent thinking.
Innovation is about convergent thinking.”

—Ikujiro Nonaka