Strategic Innovation

Strategic innovation is a complex and critical balance between tactics and strategy, between innovation and tradition, comfortable norms and the unknown. It determines how paradigms change society, businesses, cultures and economies. And poised at this intersection of innovation and tradition are the rare entities that understand, work within and respect the complexities of both.

On every level, the strategic innovator builds on tradition, leveraging honored relationships and institutions, applying the genius of inventive history that spans countries, technologies, philosophies and disciplines. They are motivated by a vision of how they will change the language that people speak when they do not speak the same language. They are driven by a vision of how they can use the tools of our generation -- technology, science and research -- to improve quality of life, provide opportunity, increase commerce and cooperation and foster goodwill.

Strategic innovation at Sanuk Mak unites the traditionalist with the visionary in a mission to improve processes, spark the inventive genius, leverage respected processes and experiences – yet inspire disruption where entrenched modes have stagnated growth. Only within this collaborative environment that seeks to bridge innovation and tradition, as well as people and cultures, can we truly thrive in what has undeniably become a global network.