Focus For The Future

Sanuk Mak’s Life Science practice, Pacific Bridge Life Science (PBLS)
has the proven expertise in developing trans-Pacific partnerships that enable companies both in the US and China to gain entry and successfully develop mutually-beneficial alliances. Our expertise lies in fostering an exchange of scientific and business networks that nurture and promotes technology transfer for applications of biotechnology and the life sciences.

The company’s CEO, Skip Whitney, is known as a prominent facilitator who uses his relationship-building skills and the nuances of his cultural knowledge to form important alliances. His vision has been instrumental in strategic partnerships that have resulted in the development of cooperative commercial and academic innovation clusters in both countries promoting life sciences, biotechnology and research.

Skip’s close ties to the scientific and business networks in both countries were a key factor in the launch of the first major China Life Science conference in San Francisco, providing Bay Area businesses with a road map for how to conduct business in China.