Sanuk Mak: sà nùk mâ k

Sanuk Mak is the driving force toward trans-Pacific exchanges that enable innovation and opportunity across disciplines as diverse as life sciences, digital media, wine, greentech and other transformational activities. We strive to open new doors of collaboration, encourage cultural discovery, and build the bridge that leads to an exchange of ideas, capital and cooperation with Greater China.

This powerful vision, at the heart of Sanuk Mak’s business model, fosters a meeting place of the worlds of scientific discovery, finance, academia, philanthropy and art. We harness our extensive history in Greater China to form connections between organizations, people and investment capital that will enable the realization of a common goal. We work to transcend borders between countries, stimulate economic cooperation and build opportunities where only ideas existed.

Sanuk Mak leverages our deep cross-cultural understanding, distinguished by Skip Whitney’s long-standing relationships, high-level contacts and professional accomplishments that transcend industries, markets, and countries. These unique capabilities combined with a specific working knowledge of the ecosystems required to be successful, allow us to close the inefficiency gap between cultures in doing business to encourage new ventures and create a roadmap for success in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

Sanuk Mak is your trusted advisor for services that include:

  • Business strategy and competitive analysis
  • Early stage funding & investment strategies
  • Collaboration & Licensing
  • Government relations at three important levels—Central, Provincial & District