Whether you have an established company looking to expand into a new market or a start-up in emerging technologies tapping into the potential of the global marketplace, you need a roadmap for understanding how exploration into China can impact your prospects for success. At Sanuk Mak, we specialize in creating customized ecosystems that help you navigate the complexities of markets, culture and politics that are specific to your business goals. Our solutions are based on an understanding of the mixture of industry partnerships, political connections, academic and financial support and other factors unique to your business that that will nurture your company as it embarks upon its expansion into an exciting new venture.

Investment Banking & Financial Advisory Services
The investment process depicts how a growing number of US companies are interested in gaining entry into the China market. However, the selection process, including due diligence, market analysis, partnership potential, and team development will be key factors that drive revenue growth and, ultimately, success.

US Companies, Academic Institutions, NGO’s

  • Define and execute China strategy
  • Design partner/collaboration agreements
  • Advise on operate/transfer/exit strategy
  • Central, district & provincial government relations

China Media, Lifestyle & Services Companies

  • Business strategy
  • Investment strategy
  • Collaboration agreements

Venture Capitalists & Investment Funds

  • China strategy
  • Investment and portfolio analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Central, district & provincial government relations